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What should you know about Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Washington D.C. readers know that making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be extremely difficult. This decision likely comes after months, even years, of financial struggles, and chances are that you cannot see another way out. You may know that bankruptcy offers you a choice, but it can be helpful to fully understand the implications of that choice before you decide.

Chapter 7 is a rather common and popular type of consumer bankruptcy, but it may not be the best choice for you. The right decision for your family depends largely on the type of debt you have, your income level and other individual details of your unique financial situation.

Can a debt collector harass you at work?

Dealing with a considerable amount of debt can leave many Washington, D.C. residents feeling fearful. To some, fear may seem like an inappropriate emotion for such a situation, but you may know too well that financial issues could leave you feeling afraid that you may not have the ability to afford necessities or that a debt collector could attempt to take your property.

Dealing with collections agencies could instill a particular sense of fear as many collectors may seem intimidating. If you do not know your rights as a consumer and what actions the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act prohibits collectors from carrying out, you may believe that they could go to any means necessary in order to obtain payment from you. As a result, you may want to better understand what actions collections agents cannot utilize.

How to stop a foreclosure and avoid homelessness

Many never think that homelessness might affect them. However, if you fall behind on your mortgage payments, being homeless may now be on your radar along with a realization of just how easily the average person can end up on the streets.

For example, twin brothers in another state have endured many things, including countless struggles after the death of their mother. The brothers took out a loan for a roof repair not understanding that the payments could skyrocket on the adjustable rate mortgage if interest rates climbed. The brothers soon were unable to keep up with the payments. The bank foreclosed on the property that has been in their family for decades.

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